Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Guess We're Done

It seems that lately, whenever I'm talking to a friend, the question arises, "So are you having anymore kids?" My answer is no, and to be honest, it's a reluctant no.

It's hard to think I'll never be pregnant again. That I'll never bring home a new baby and get to pick out a name. No more patting little bottoms and smelling there little heads. I don't know that I will ever get over that.

Today though, I was one step closer to getting over my baby problem. I hate laundry. Really. Hate. Laundry. I know, is that a reason for not having another baby? For today, yes it is. Tomorrow I'm going to focus on how much I hate dishes.


Heather Hulke,  06 October, 2009  

Oh Summer..... you will regret it.

Alyssa 06 October, 2009  

Um, really Heather? Maybe you shouldn't talk. I'm still waiting for that little girl. Do it Summer...have another one!

Sweet Jane 08 October, 2009  

Your blog is so fun! I stumbled over here from Whatever. I agree with your comment that on Oprah, you couldn't even 'see' her burns. I was amazed at how much joy she radiated! What an amazing example to us!

Laurel 11 October, 2009  

Ah, yes. It does get easier...
AND, then you will have your niece and nephew's little ones to cuddle. I get my "fix" through Sayla and Anders, now.
And, I truly loved every single stage my children were in--and as they developed, EACH stage was my favorite. I, now, love that I have children who are adults. Yep, this is my favorite....:)

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