Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ain't No Reason

Sometimes it's easy to forget how big our world is.


Another Pool Day!

I took a chance today and skipped Anders nap and we hit the pool instead. The kids love it and the mosquito's are so bad around town lately that the pool seems to be the only outdoor relief. Sayla is becoming a pro at the HUGE water slide and it's fun to see her become more confident in the water. Last time we went to the pool Sayla had a secret for me after she was all done with her sliding. She whispered in my ear, "I peed on the way down the slide." I was a really good example and couldn't stop laughing!

Sticking with the bathroom theme I've had lately, today as Anders and I were watching Sayla go down the slide, Anders grunted a few times, looked at me and shouted "I PEE PEED." Lord help me!

When we were about ready to leave, Anders fell and scraped up his elbow. He cried a little but was mostly unaware of his bleeding arm. Sayla on the other hand was very aware of her brothers ouchie. She couldn't get over it, she shed some tears and couldn't stop thinking about it (her words). When we talked about why she was so upset, her response was that she loved him and she didn't want him to be hurt. So sweet.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a Pee Pee

Last night, Anders insisted that I take his diaper off. I obliged with caution and within minutes I felt a warm stream on my right foot. I thought, this is nuts, and tried to convince him that putting a diaper back on would be a better choice than peeing all over mom's foot. Well, it didn't work and he just kept point at his 'pee pee' and telling me 'it's a pee pee'.

me: "Yes Anders it's a pee pee."
Anders: "It's a pee pee."
me: "Yes, that's your pee pee."
Anders: "It's a pee pee."
me: "Wait, do you have to go pee pee?"

He shoots off for the bathroom and I plop him up on the toilet and guess what.....he did it!
He was SO excited! "I DID IT" he yelled. Sayla and I laughed and clapped and WOOHOOED! In all honesty, it probably won't happen again for quite a while, and I really have no desire to potty train a not even two year old. But we had a good laugh and I needed to document Anders first pee pee.


Monday, July 26, 2010

I've Been a Really Bad Blogger...

Mostly because my computer isn't letting me upload pictures. I'm thinking It may be time for a new one!

Anyway, we've had a really fun summer and checking quite a bit off our to-do list. We spent a long weekend camping, went to the Blank Park Zoo, and have been to the pool a bazillion times. Currently we have a semi gutted kitchen but what is done looks really nice. Jeremy and I spent part of yesterday hanging some of the upper cabinets with only a few little bumps. I've also learned that I need to start working on my upper body strength!

It's been so fun to see Anders and Sayla finally start playing together. He adores her and loves, in his words, Sassy. Sayla of course is busy planning her birthday party but has also, very generously, given input into her brothers upcoming festivities. She knows how much Anders loves her and feels it would be appropriate for him to have a Sayla themed birthday. Um, sorry dear, I think we'll stick with trains.

I'll work on trying to find a way to upload some pictures because I know that's the only reason for reading my blog! Until next time....


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