Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What We've Been Up To, With No Pictures

It's been awhile, so I'll write this like a Christmas Card.

Jeremy- Is still a very manly man who has been smoke free for one year. In addition to his TV station job, he now has a church job that he is enjoying. Jeremy is now texting quite a bit more than I'd approve of, but like he always says "I'm really important!" I appreciate how hard he has been working and how much he loves our family.

Sayla- Sayla introduced herself to her Sunday School class as "Sayla, The Superhero of Naughty" and required everyone to call her that.

She also has defined her style as a Rockin' Superhero (her words). Think more like a little grunge, a little artsy. I let her pick out her clothes in the morning with two conditions, it has to be clean and it has to be weather appropriate. Today at preschool she is wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a purple tye-dyed t-shirt, lime green leggings and purple suede boots. She is also wearing eyeshadow that she applied herself.

She is changing and growing up so fast. She wants to be just like her daddy and really loves her best friend at school. What has been so heartwarming about Sayla is how tenderhearted she is becoming despite her best efforts at becoming 'Sayla the Superhero of Naughty.'

Anders- Anders LOVES trains and trucks. His favorite things to say are hot dog and All-a-board. He's been having lots of fun playing with Sayla lately and he loves when she helps him. Several times a day we have to pretend he is on the phone. It's so cute to hear him pretend to talk. It sounds something like "HI!!! Ahh-white, yeah, yeah, daddy's truck, yeah, yeah, hot dog, bye." Jeremy says I must talk on the phone too much because he really has it down. To that I say, yes I do.

Anders is still a great napper, and is out for sometime 3 hours. It's such a treat to have a child that naps well! He is such a honey, such a stinker, and such a silly little boy!

Me-I've been spending my time, organizing, doing homework, hanging out with friends, watching the bachelor (waste of my time), normal stuff. Really though, I've decided to go through our house, one room a week and just get really organized. I've done two rooms and have removed 2 big bags for the goodwill and 2 1/2 bags of garbage. After all the organizing, we are either going to a) put an addition on our house or b)move. Right now we are leaning toward a). We had a someone come and give us an estimate as well as a virtual tour. It looks nice but I'm still a little scared. Whatever we choose, being super organized will help the process go a little smoother.

Have a happy March!


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