Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Looks Like Trouble!

Uh-Oh, is Anders new word!

I'm afraid we'll be using it quite a bit!

Dear Boy, do you need to climb in the tub and turn on the water? Do you need to climb on the couch to practice your jumping? Do you NEED to stand on your top of your high chair?
You could slip and hit your head? Please rethink your choices!
I know you've learned how to walk and you feel really cool about that! And I know your medicine is at the right level now and your feeling energized! Throw me a bone here.
Oh, and Please sweet boy, please don't figure out how to climb out of your crib....I'm not ready for that!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Painting Pumpkins!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


This cute boy is getting closer to walking. He took about five steps the other day, but I do think he is sort of a chicken. I know he can do it, he stands alone but won't take a step....stinker.

He continues to be on the fussy side. Is it teeth, allergies, thyroid medicine or milk, I'm not too sure. He is teething, is terribly stuffy and really gassy. He was drinking Lactose free formula before we switched to milk. He was doing really well with it but in the last few days I'm wondering if it gives him a belly ache. Really I have no answers and I feel bad that I don't.

This one here has also been a stinker. We have been so busy lately and I think Sayla is tired. This is Sayla after MOPS and before preschool today. I have an hour to make lunch and get Sayla ready for school. As I was helping Anders, Sayla decided she would borrow my eyeliner and make herself into a kitty. Really she did a good job making a cat face, don't you think?
In addition to cat faces, she has been telling Anders secrets. Today when I asked her what the secret was, she answered "Naughty words." Nice. She knows she shouldn't say "Oh my God" but that's what she has been whispering in her brothers ear. What the hell?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smarty Pants

Saturday I came home from work and Sayla was still up, no surprise. As Jeremy and I were talking about our day we look over to see Sayla doing this.I'm sure if I wouldn't have interrupted her she would have finished k-z. She is really anxious to learn to read and it's really fun to watch.

Sayla has two years of preschool left and I'm sure kindergarten won't come soon enough. She already begs me to let her walk to school by herself. There is a little girl she likes to play with 2 houses down, and yesterday she crossed the street by herself.....freaked me out! I was right be behind her, and before I knew it she crossed like it was no big deal. After all my approaches to let her know that it is never OK to cross the street by herself, Sayla's logic was she's four now and being four trumps everything according to Sayla. I'm a little afraid of five now.


Friday, September 11, 2009


Thursday was the start of a new year of MOPS ( Mothers of Preschoolers). The kickoff this year consisted of moms sitting around eating breakfast and talking. I happened to sit my a mom that was new this year.

So as our table was catching up and getting to know each other, the new mom and I discovered both our boys had hypothyroidism. Her son had been diagnosed at a couple weeks old and was now 11 months. It was so nice to get some information from her, but at the same time a little scary. I, at this point, have gotten very little information on what to expect with this condition, and have recently stopped google searches, it's not really healthy for me. The new mom told me to expect monthly visits for blood draws and continued medication adjustments. She also told me they see a specialist regularly to help with these adjustments and also to make sure they are on track with his care.

As we were talking, we both had goosebumps thinking of what the outcome is when this goes undiagnosed, and how this daily pill is enough to change it all. Her doctors informed her that without it, her son would have mental retardation, slow growth and development and possible dwarfism. Thank God they tested Anders!!!

I did leave feeling sad for Anders and the constant medication and monthly blood draws. I know so many babies and children have to suffer far worse medically, but regardless it kind of stinks.

Anders on the other hand has been a little fussy and clingy lately. As a result of that my right arm fell off. It is not easy to hold a 30 pound baby for the majority of the day, so most of the time you can find me laying on the floor, that seems to keep him satisfied. The new mom told me after they started the medication, her son never slept and was extremely fussy. Her doctors told her that the medicine can make them feel a little off, effects like rapid heart beat and changes in body temp are other effects he may be feeling. He did wake up in the middle of the night recently (which he never does anymore) really hot.

So we find out more in a few weeks. Anders will have another blood draw and hopefully I will have a better idea on what to expect. I really feel like I have nothing to worry about and that Anders has developed normally. He continues to say new words and has gotten really close to walking, but I would like peace of mind from a doctor (probably a new one) that he is right on track. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of that visit!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hooray For School!

School started and I couldn't be more excited! I love fall, I love pumpkins, I love baking! To me this is the best time of the year. Sayla is right on board with her excitement. She sat and waited for an hour this morning, just waiting to go to school. She loves making new friends, and she is excited to see some of the same friends from last year. She has a new teacher this year and when we got to school today she was greeted with a birthday crown. That teacher won Sayla's heart I'm sure. Sayla looked at me like, I get to go to school AND wear this doesn't get any better than this!

I was able to keep Anders awake until after I took Sayla to school. We are moving to the one nap a day schedule, and it's not easy. I'm insisting that he wait until 12:35 before napping. This gives me time to do homework and sit in silence. Today, he crashed as soon as we got home. I then ate lunch and drank a Diet Coke and watched the end of "Flipping Out". Now if he could just sleep until 2:50, right before we go get Sayla. Kind of doubt it. Happy Fall!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Here is my big 1 year old!

Sayla had a "Wizard of Oz" birthday of course. Here she is with the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.

Broomstick races......I think this was more fun for the adults.

Tossing apples in the bucket.

This cake was a lot of work, but so worth it. I think I enjoyed looking at it more than anyone!

Wacking the Pinata!
We managed to make 2 cakes, blow up 50 balloons, wrap presents, clean, deal with the new thyroid issues, clean, use an ungodly amount of food coloring, write a 15 page paper, go to a movie, go to a preschool meeting, clean, and make 2 kids really happy. I need this labor day!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

What We're Doing Right Now.

Getting ready for Sayla's birthday party, duh!
Sayla is four today, and that just seems crazy to me!
Sayla Can:
*Count to 39
*Recognizes most of her letters
*Tell funny jokes
*Make herself a sandwich
*Make mom a sandwich
*Crack an egg like a pro
Sayla loves to:
*Play at the park
*Play "pretend"
*"The Wizard of Oz"
*Computer games
*Fancy things
*Ruby slippers
*Birthday parties
Sayla, you are such a gift and you are so loved! We are so so proud of you!


Small Town in the Summer

This past weekend was our town celebration. Check out the fun we (Sayla) had!

We will miss you summer.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Are bought! There is a birthday party at our house this Saturday and I have lots to do.

*Wrap Gifts
*Make a cake shaped as a number one
*Make a Wizard of Oz/Yellow Brick Road Cake
*Buy party supplies
*Write a rough draft for a paper
*Go to Chuckie Cheese
*Go to a preschool meeting
*Not act crabby

I'll let you know how it goes!


I'm Sorry....I Guess.

So last Friday I was very upset about Anders Dr. appointment. The Dr. was very rude to me about Anders weight, accusing me of poor nutrition. Although I'm not sorry I was upset for the way I was treated, I am sorry I was upset she tested his thyroid. The test came back for hypothyroidism. I was not given any information as to really what this meant, just that I needed to start him on a daily thyroid medicine and return for a follow up in one month.

After a google search, I found out that going untreated, this can be very serious in infants and children. One side effect is developmental delays, physical and mental. As I observe Anders I see none of these effects. Although he is in the 50th percentile for height, it doesn't seem there are any issues for me to worry about. I hope the medication will correct the issue and in a month I'll find out more. As of now I'm going to stay with this doctor until I get more information. I do have to say that without knowing anything about this problem, it feels a little stressful.

I am so thankful now that Anders Dr. decided to run this test. I need to forget about the way I was treated and know that the outcome was better for my child's health. So for now...I'm sorry...I guess.


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