Thursday, September 17, 2009


This cute boy is getting closer to walking. He took about five steps the other day, but I do think he is sort of a chicken. I know he can do it, he stands alone but won't take a step....stinker.

He continues to be on the fussy side. Is it teeth, allergies, thyroid medicine or milk, I'm not too sure. He is teething, is terribly stuffy and really gassy. He was drinking Lactose free formula before we switched to milk. He was doing really well with it but in the last few days I'm wondering if it gives him a belly ache. Really I have no answers and I feel bad that I don't.

This one here has also been a stinker. We have been so busy lately and I think Sayla is tired. This is Sayla after MOPS and before preschool today. I have an hour to make lunch and get Sayla ready for school. As I was helping Anders, Sayla decided she would borrow my eyeliner and make herself into a kitty. Really she did a good job making a cat face, don't you think?
In addition to cat faces, she has been telling Anders secrets. Today when I asked her what the secret was, she answered "Naughty words." Nice. She knows she shouldn't say "Oh my God" but that's what she has been whispering in her brothers ear. What the hell?


Alyssa 17 September, 2009  

Hahah...I love that pic of Sayla! She's so funny!

Anonymous,  19 February, 2010  

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