Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hooray For School!

School started and I couldn't be more excited! I love fall, I love pumpkins, I love baking! To me this is the best time of the year. Sayla is right on board with her excitement. She sat and waited for an hour this morning, just waiting to go to school. She loves making new friends, and she is excited to see some of the same friends from last year. She has a new teacher this year and when we got to school today she was greeted with a birthday crown. That teacher won Sayla's heart I'm sure. Sayla looked at me like, I get to go to school AND wear this doesn't get any better than this!

I was able to keep Anders awake until after I took Sayla to school. We are moving to the one nap a day schedule, and it's not easy. I'm insisting that he wait until 12:35 before napping. This gives me time to do homework and sit in silence. Today, he crashed as soon as we got home. I then ate lunch and drank a Diet Coke and watched the end of "Flipping Out". Now if he could just sleep until 2:50, right before we go get Sayla. Kind of doubt it. Happy Fall!


Hannah 10 September, 2009  

awww, they already knew they had a princess in their presence!!

Amber,  10 September, 2009  

Of course she HAD to wear the ruby slippers to school!!!

Laurel 10 September, 2009  

Somewhere, I have a picture of Jeremy standing on our front porch in the same stance as Sayla (with the backpack). This just makes me smile. Thank you for sharing these pix!

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