Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smarty Pants

Saturday I came home from work and Sayla was still up, no surprise. As Jeremy and I were talking about our day we look over to see Sayla doing this.I'm sure if I wouldn't have interrupted her she would have finished k-z. She is really anxious to learn to read and it's really fun to watch.

Sayla has two years of preschool left and I'm sure kindergarten won't come soon enough. She already begs me to let her walk to school by herself. There is a little girl she likes to play with 2 houses down, and yesterday she crossed the street by herself.....freaked me out! I was right be behind her, and before I knew it she crossed like it was no big deal. After all my approaches to let her know that it is never OK to cross the street by herself, Sayla's logic was she's four now and being four trumps everything according to Sayla. I'm a little afraid of five now.


Hannah 15 September, 2009  

yeah, her number is pretty significant now. Four = adult, right?

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