Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Dosen't Love a Before and After

I found this sad little fella at the Goodwill last Sunday. It was just screaming for a face lift, and I thought it might have potential. I really wanted a sofa table to put up against this wall, but have found nothing. This buffet ended up to be too large for the place I wanted, but it now has a new job as a TV stand. It actually looks pretty sweet, and it's really functional. I put the DVDs in the drawers and stashed away some toys behind the two doors.

And doesn't this look pretty! A couple coats of primer, a couple coats of cabinet paint and metallic spray paint for the handles. The whole redo, including the buffet and supplies, cost 29 dollars. I love you Goodwill!
I'm taking part in DIY day over at A Soft Place to Land. Head over there for more DIY idea's!


??,  09 October, 2009  

Oh Summer, that is awesome. You truley have a talent. I love you. But, where is the tv??

Sarah 13 October, 2009  

$29!?!?! this was an INCREDIBLE find and transformation! seriously, bravo...

The Style Sister 13 October, 2009  

Love the transformation!! Just spectacular.

Holly 13 October, 2009  

I'm very impressed! It looks so good!

Leanne 15 October, 2009  

THe white makes it look so beautiful. It looks like a new piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing.

Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen 20 October, 2009  

SUPER cute! Don't you loooove the GW?? Thanks for stopping by today!
:) Blair

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