Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Sayla Said!

So I have to add this story before I forget it. I hope one day to print my blog out into a book for my kids and sometime what I add is for me as much as it is my family.

So there has been a lot of discussion about what Sayla will be for Halloween. She has been DEAD SET on Dorothy. I've let her pick whatever she wants, but I did give her three choices based on what she shows interest in. This year her choices were Dorothy, Sleeping Beauty, and a Super Hero. Today she said, "I've changed my mind, I want to be SUPER SAYLA." I have to admit, although we have both a Dorothy and Sleeping Beauty costume, I love that she likes being a Super Hero. So after we establish that she is now going to be a Super Hero, she asks "What is Anders is going to be?" I explained that Anders was going to be a duck this year. Her response, "A duck, oh no!!! I'm allergic to ducks." That girl!!


Hannah 21 October, 2009  

sometimes i'm allergic to brothers, too. it's okay, it's only temporary.

Hannah 21 October, 2009  

PS, i've had my "super hannah" costume planned out for weeks.

Laurel 22 October, 2009  

Hannah isn't kidding. She was talking about it this morning--before we read your blog.
:)Yea for Super Hannah and Super Sayla! Kinda like the Batman and Robin duo?

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