Monday, October 12, 2009

This Sucks

Today Anders had the flu shot and Sayla the flu mist. I really dislike taking my kids into the doctor's office. You wait and wait, kids crying, kids screaming, mom's yelling, not my idea of a good time. Today, as soon as we walked in the door, I wanted to turn around. That office was packed! Crap. As we waited, I parked the stroller, finagled all the winter coats, tried to prevent Anders from pushing a newborn around in her stroller, answered 50 thousand questions and wiped the sweat from my brow, we finally got called in. Whew! Shots and mist, piece of cake. No crying, nothing, just in and out.

Now here is the fun part. After I get everyone bundled, and distribute the cookies, we head out the door. As we make our way to the car, we approach an elderly woman with a walker, SLOWLY making her way up to the door. She was sporting her plastic hair protector as well as a handmade sign taped to the front of the walker that read, "This Sucks." Honestly, I'm not even kidding. I laughed out loud, right in front of her. I wanted to give her a hug for her sense of humor. I couldn't help but imagine her sitting at her kitchen table crafting her colorful homemade sign. "Now where should I hang this?" she probably thought. She did indeed find the perfect place. Right on her walker for the world to read. Her little sign made my trip to the doctor this morning so much more than I ever anticipated!


??,  12 October, 2009  

Oh that is funny!! Too cute.

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