Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Looks Like Trouble!

Uh-Oh, is Anders new word!

I'm afraid we'll be using it quite a bit!

Dear Boy, do you need to climb in the tub and turn on the water? Do you need to climb on the couch to practice your jumping? Do you NEED to stand on your top of your high chair?
You could slip and hit your head? Please rethink your choices!
I know you've learned how to walk and you feel really cool about that! And I know your medicine is at the right level now and your feeling energized! Throw me a bone here.
Oh, and Please sweet boy, please don't figure out how to climb out of your crib....I'm not ready for that!


the Provident Woman 01 October, 2009  

It's better than my son's new favorite word. "no". He will just sit there and and chant no no no no no. Anytime you say anything to him "no no no no no" Even when he wants it then it'll be "no ahhhh ya"

cats meos 02 October, 2009  

I thought my son was going to be 30 before I could stop pulling stuff from his mouth and saying, "ucky, caca" fifty times a day.

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