Friday, April 3, 2009

Who wants a cracker......or should I say rice rusk?

First thing. Anders woke up Wednesday with a tooth, yay!! The first always seems like the worst. Second thing. We went in for our seven month appointment (yes I know it's supposed to be six months) and he weighs 22 pounds, 90th percentile.

He is soooo different than Sayla as a baby. I remember taking her in for check-ups and she was so attentive. Just watching and so cooperative. Her Dr. would always comment how well she did and that she usually struggles with busy babies. That is what happened on Tuesday!! Whoa! Anders grabs the name badge, keeps kicking the scale, grabs the stethoscope, rips the wooden stick out of the doctors hands, tears the paper layed over the table to little pieces, and then needs to jump! Man, I was worn out! Then came the shots. Good thing Sayla played at Aidan's house that afternoon.

Now to the title of the post. I'm not even sure anyone reading this will appreciate this but I thought I'd share. (Maybe Jen or Autumn may benefit. I should have titled this, "To Jen and Autumn") Anyway, I came upon these little crackers not that long ago and they have been a hit.
It's always hard to know when to start feeding your baby real finger food. There is the gaging and choking problem or the inability to actually pick up the food or the huge MESS. Some of those teething biscuits are just gross. These Mum-Mum crackers are great. I took a bite before I gave one to Anders and it basically dissolves, much faster than any other baby cracker product we've tried. So if Anders is choking, and he has, just wait a few seconds and it's gone. Plus these are the first crackers of Chinese children (says so on the box). Thought I'd share!


Streit Family 14 April, 2009  

ok...can't find these crackers anywhere in duluth, mn...are they an iowa thing? i'll send you some "top the tator" for some rice rusks!

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