Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daddy and Sayla Day!

Saturday was a busy day at our house! I worked and then had a party, Anders was at his friends house and Sayla got to spend the afternoon with Daddy!! She was so excited! Jeremy got tickets to a Wizard of Oz/Orchestra thing. The movie was played without the soundtrack and was instead played by a Orchestra. Then during the intermission all the characters were there, dressed up to meet. She hugged the Tin-Man!! They also got to see lots of cut out characters, as well as a real yellow brick road.

I think it got a little long for Jeremy, but he made it. What a great memory for the two of them and notice how cute Sayla is looking just like Dorothy. That was all Daddy, when I left in the morning Sayla was still in her PJ's. P.S. Sayla listened to the soundtrack of the movie Annie today, lets just say she is very interested. I'll keep you posted.


Hannah 02 May, 2009  

8 MONTH OLD ANDERS HAS FRIENDS!?!?!? no fair. I don't think I started making friends until I was at LEAST 8 1/2 months.

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