Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smart Kids!

How annoying would I be if I would start rambling off on how smart my kids are? Well I'm going to.

First story is, I was giving the kids a bath the other night, I took Anders out first and was drying him off. He was holding his comb and I was expecting him to chew on it. He looked at it for a little bit and then starting combing my hair. I know, I know, but yesterday he was brand new and and it's amazing to see him change so fast.

Second story. Sayla has really been a little sponge lately. Really aware of what we say, do, and has LOTS of questions. Sunday night we were at Subway and Sayla was looking out the window for a long time. She then turns to us and says, "Boys drive trucks and girls drive cars." Whoa, that's a whole other post for me. She also has planned her birthday party. Sayla will be having a princess party and Anders (by Sayla's choice) will be having a Spiderman party. Will see if she changes her mind, let not forget her birthday is 4 months away.

Sayla also REALLY wants to learn to read. She gets quite frustrated by it so we just do a little bit at a time.


Hannah 02 May, 2009  

HOLLYWOOD, WATCH OUT! Here comes Sayla Marie!

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