Friday, August 28, 2009

Round Two of Dr. Visits = Not So Good

Today Anders had his 1 year check up, and I'll just get this out of the way, he weighs in at 30lbs. I'm not worried, have no reason to be worried, and have had a handful of friends assure me that their children were larger at one year. The doctor on the other hand was VERY rude to me. Her instructions were, to stop giving him sweets and juice (if you know me and how I feed my kids you'll laugh at that) stop holding him all the time (he is to heavy to hold) don't but him in a exersaucer (way beyond them, donated it 2 months ago). Anders is apparently "behind" because he can't walk yet. WHAT????? He can't walk, but he walks around the house by holding on to things He is also at risk for type 2 diabetes. (again) WHAT??????? No grapes or bananas because of the calories. He needs to lose 5 pounds. The story goes on and on, and by the end of her lecture I'm almost in tears. She then decides that she wants to check his thyroid. He already was going to have a finger poke to check for lead and I thought they would do the same to check his thyroid. I was wrong. The nurse leads us back to the lab, and the very nice nurse informs me that they will have to draw blood to check his thyroid. I immediately started crying. The nurse was so nice and understanding, but I had just reached the end. You know how you can only keep it together for so long and then one little thing sends you right over the edge. I wasn't hysterical by any means, but I was so upset. So (after already having two shots) two of us pinned Anders down, while the nurse took blood from his tiny (chubby) arm. Needless to say, after all this, I'm getting a second opinion.


Laurel 28 August, 2009  

Yes. Find a new doctor. And, from the professinal developmentalist assessment: Anders is above average in all domains of development. I question her diploma. Did you ask if she has a legit degree? None-the-less, bananas are wonderful for potassium and little bodies must have adequate amounts of such to overcome any processing in foods. All I can say is , "Blah." Well, and some naughty words....

You two are the most conscientious and caring parents I know. And, Anders looks just like the rest of us (Otts!)! :)

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