Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr. Appointment Craziness

Today Sayla had her 4 year check up. The appointment was scheduled for 10:40, so I started getting everyone ready at 8:00. I had to shower, give the kids a bath, get them breakfast, snacks, hair done, diaper bag get the idea. People say that mom's have the hardest job on earth. I think working mom's have the hardest, to have to get everyone ready and out the door is an art form.

So we get to the appointment (right on time) and they inform me that they can do the physical, but not the vaccinations. Why you ask? Because she hasn't turned four yet. I get it, there are rules, tests, Dr. laws, but maybe someone could have told me when I scheduled the appointment. I spent two days prepping Sayla to be brave, your going to be fine, I'll hold your hand, and honestly she was excited. So anyway, we'll make a trip back in a few weeks.

Sayla did great with her appointment. She's gained 3 pounds this year and grown quite a bit. The doctor was one we hadn't seen before and he was very nice, and I think he was new as well. He went over jumping on one foot, drawing a square (she can draw a square like a 4 1/2 year old), and then we got to colors. He asked Sayla if she knew her colors, and she of course said yes. Then he said, "Can you tell me what color my pants are?" The room was silent for at least 30 seconds. My heart was racing and I started wonder who was going to speak first. I finally said, "Um, I'm not even sure I know what color your pants are." They were a mix between a army brown and a army green color. You know that khaki brown/green color. He then moved on to more traditional colors that Sayla breezed through. Then he looked at me and said, "You don't know what color my pants are." I said, "No, are they brown or green." He laughed and didn't really have an answer.

So tomorrow, guess what, Anders has an appointment at 11:00. I'll update on that saga, and hopefully it goes as smooth as today.


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