Monday, August 24, 2009

What we've been up to!

Jeremy flew to California recently to attend Isaac and Christina's wedding. Christina's maiden name is Elliott, and I really wanted them to get on board with joining us in the hyphenated Elliott club.....their loss.

A few days later the rest of the family flew to lovely Iowa, and spent lots of time hanging out with the kids.

Then we packed up and headed to northern Minnesota to spend time with family up there. We drove as far as Bemidji on Wednesday, and the trip was not so great for Anders. Lot's of fussing, dirty diapers, screaming and very little napping.

After a full day in the car, my cousin Robbie and January decided to take us out to eat. Sounds harmless right...think again. Robbie takes us on a 45 minute drive to get pizza with one little guy that was so sick of the car already. When we finally get there we discover the road is closed to get to the restaurant. They were putting in a new bridge and the only way to get there was to turn around and drive all the way around the lake. Lord have mercy. So what do we do, cross the construction zone with four small children (you can see in the picture that the restaurant is right across from the river). We walked around the crane, over a plywood "dock" and through the ditch. We had a good laugh and gave Robbie a hard time. It was good pizza though.

Here is January with our waitress whose name was January...crazy. I announced like a four year old that my name was Summer, she wasn't that impressed.

The next day we headed to International Falls to stay with my Aunt Darlene and Uncle Babe. The kids had a blast! They live on Rainy Lake so we did some boating, canoeing and LOTS of swimming.

Saturday we went to a magic show. Here is our cousin Maya and Sayla dressed as twins!

Saying goodbye to Rainy Lake. We love going up there and hope Sayla and Anders will also have good memories of there time up north!


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