Monday, March 30, 2009

The Living Room!

The living room is done!! Well, mostly done. We (and by we I mean Jeremy) need to put up the quarter round, spray paint the vent cover that goes over the big hole in the floor and touch up paint. I really don't care though, we have a living room!! Which means we have a kitchen and Anders has a room, and so on!! Yea! This was a much bigger project than I had thought so we are going to wait until my next school break to tackle some other rooms. Until then, our living room looks great!


Thanks Hannah!

Today Sayla got some pretty cool stickers in the mail!! She loved them and went right to work. Thanks Hannah!! Love Sayla

p.s. Notice Sayla's hair.....she wants it long like Hannah's.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Anders is already approaching seven months!! He is sitting by himself, rolling over, loves to jump, and drink out of a glass and eats anything we offer him. He also loves Sayla and watching her play! He lights up when she talks to's a little heartbreaking! Here are some fun pictures I took off him this last week! Don't mind the drool, we are hoping those little teeth come in soon. I have a feeling he'll get a bunch all at once, poor little guy.



In this picture I said, "Sayla can you sit by your brother so I can take your picture?" This is where she decided to sit. Enough said.

So this is a face we see from Sayla quite a bit lately. We'll call it "the face" for the sake of the story. For example...
Mommy: "Sayla can you pick up your toy?"
Sayla: The face
Sayla: "Mommy can I have some candy for lunch?"
Mommy: "No."
Sayla: The face

Purple day at preschool!!


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