Monday, March 23, 2009


In this picture I said, "Sayla can you sit by your brother so I can take your picture?" This is where she decided to sit. Enough said.

So this is a face we see from Sayla quite a bit lately. We'll call it "the face" for the sake of the story. For example...
Mommy: "Sayla can you pick up your toy?"
Sayla: The face
Sayla: "Mommy can I have some candy for lunch?"
Mommy: "No."
Sayla: The face

Purple day at preschool!!


Streit Family 25 March, 2009  

I hate to say it but I LOVE "the face". She is so cute and how can you say no to that?

Laurel 27 March, 2009  

Oh,I have on "the face" ... they are growing and changing so fast...and, we live so, so, so precious.

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