Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where We've Been in Pictures!

Coloring like crazy.
Sleeping in mom and dad's bed.
Movie night!
Counting sweethearts.

Getting Valentines.
Learning about frogs.
Riding bikes.
Jumping on the bed.
Coloring Easter eggs.
Looking pretty sassy.
Making a mess.

Hanging out with cousins.

Having a happy Easter.

Singing in programs!


Laurel 29 April, 2010  

Of course, these beautiful children are the most precious preschoolers in existence.

Of course, looking at these pictures makes me miss you all even more.

Fo course, now I must cry a little...

Thanks for posting these...sob.sob.sob.

Hannah 29 April, 2010  

where was Movie night??
I love the look on Anders's little face standing in the crib.

Summer 29 April, 2010  

Movie night was in the living room!

Hannah 30 April, 2010  

that's what I thought!! what fun!

amber,  05 May, 2010  

the day and life in denver iowa...

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