Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Trying to Recover

I am sooo tired today! It all started on Saturday when we woke up and headed to another parade. It's the great thing about small town Iowa, there is always a small town celebration going on nearby, and there's always a parade. This parade had the usual fire truck/ ambulance line up, but it also had these geese!

I'm sorry, but this is better than the Shriner's that drove the miniature R.V.'s! This was so cute.

So after the parade that we all enjoyed(including Sayla who usually strongly dislikes parades) I raced off to work for a closing shift. Then I hurried home to pack/wash for our girl trip. Sayla and I took off for the twin cities on Sunday morning for swimming and a trip to Valley Fair!! We loved it. Here are some pictures of the Chutes and Ladders Park in Bloomington and the pool.

Sayla floated around in the pool for a couple hours on Sunday! She didn't hardly said a peep.

Sayla and her cousin Riley heading to the top. This is only part of the park, it just keeps going....so fun.

Here is my nephew Keegan loving the park!

I have to say, it was kind of sad for our trip to be over. But then again I got to come home to this monster!


Hannah 29 July, 2009  

love Sayla in goggles.

I remember going to that Chutes and Ladders park for a kindergarten field trip. I was terrified. Sayla's just so brave...

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