Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy May

So May has been really busy for us so far. May Day, we made May baskets and delivered them to Aidan and Owen down the street. Sayla was soooooo excited. We also had a good time having the two boys come over and hang out at our house. Don't tell their mom but I fed them a lot of sugar before they went home, they like me and that's all that matters.

Then last Tuesday I packed up the kids and headed to Minnesota for the week. I was able to get together with so many friends and was finally able to get together with my friend Laura! She has a little boy Abe who is 3 months older than Sayla. Laura and I laughed about nothing and had a really good time.

I also did 3 jewelry parties, one with my old bff. We were able to get together after the party with 3 other bff's of ours. I could hardly talk on Saturday night because of all the laughing. It felt good and my ab's look amazing.

And the trip wouldn't be complete without some time with January, Maya and Easton. My current bff/cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing). The girls love playing together and I of course forgot my camera.

We then headed up to Mankato to see the Hulke family (my sister). She bought a new home and it was fun to hang out and eat the lovely roast she made. Thanks Heather! Sayla and Riley are 3 years apart but that doesn't seem to bother either of them. They played outside in the rain and after coming in to dry off, Sayla wore Riley's pj's.....for 24 hrs. No kidding, she wouldn't take them off.

On top of all this visiting, I've had 5 jewelry parties so far this month, two assignments due, and a work schedule to keep straight. This week doesn't look to be slowing down either!! Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Sayla and Abe

The Kelley boys attacking my daughter

Happy May Day!


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